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  1. Miss Shree

    SHOW AUDIO: Kramer goes off on "Pastor" Flores

    Is it still open?
  2. Miss Shree

    Man has Worlds worst super Gonorrhea

  3. Any follow up on this? There is a rumor at my office that the Principal of Marianna High got fired and will not be back.
  4. Heard the promo with him stuttering it was laughable.
  5. Miss Shree

    X UNPLUGGED - in it's entirety from March 18th, 2018

    This music makes me want to fuck a stranger. With long hair. And eat that cum.
  6. Miss Shree

    X UNPLUGGED - in it's entirety from 3.10.2018

    Listening now. God I love incubus can i get some tix?