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    Can someone explain boiled peanuts````

    I keep seeing them here. I'm originally from Las Vegas. They are fucking nasty!
  2. Kenny Waldrop

    Troy Frat Brother's Walk to the Beach for a great cause

    This is awesome.
  3. I CAN’T STAY SILENT ANYMORE. I JUST WANT TO HELP.... I am here to aid those that want gun control. I'm taking a stand and getting involved: if you or your friends have a pistol, revolver, shotgun or rifle looking to be removed, I will take it (permanently) and ensure it ends up in a safe place. I normally charge for this service, but I'm willing to waive my normal fees because I care. Free pickup service available up to 100 miles, longer distance available but it does depend on number of firearms and/or accs. Private message me today so your home can be a "gun free" zone. I'll give $5 gift cards to Starbucks (they are gun free) for each weapon surrendered! And yes I will take all ammunition and accessories too!!
  4. Kenny Waldrop


    Little late Kramer. It's old news now.
  5. this had me snorting
  6. Kenny Waldrop

    DO YOU LIKE THIS SONG? Garth Brooks (ROCK) remake.

    It's a no. Got thru 30 secs.