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  2. ... DEVELOPING ... STAND BY The Kramer Show. Heard on 101.1 in Panama City. Click here to listen live. Call the show at (850) 233-9988 Email the show at kramer@newstalk101.com Remember, you can sign in on this forum and post by signing in using your Facebook account! 6:00 --- SHOW PREP MEETING --- *) We will discuss what we have planned for the show today. Call 850-233-9988 and tell Kramer what you think he should talk about. 6:30 --- ON THIS DAY --- --- BIRTHDAYS --- --- SEE BELOW DWIGHT --- 7:00 --- STOLE CLOTHES --- *) Couple stole clothes from Wal Mart to wear to Court. Here. --- ORAL --- *) Teacher gives oral exam to 13 year old student. Here. --- COCAINE --- *) 13 year old boy brings balloons to school filled with cocaine. Here. 7:30 --- MANDATORY PHONE TOPIC --- *) --- QUESTION: 850-233-9988 - 8:00 --- RACHEL MADDOW --- *) She is doing too damned good. Here. --- SNOWFLAKES --- *) Lil snowflake students are protesting against having to give presentations in School classes. Here. *) AUDIO LET IT SNOW INSTRUMENTAL. Here. AUDIO. --- SHOOTER BOXES --- *) Illinois Schools install ACTIVE SHOOTER boxes. Here. 8:30 --- LISTENER ROUND TABLE --- *) What do YOU want to talk about? 850-233-9988 --- FORTNITE --- *) Grown man shoots 11 year old boy over Fortnite. Here. --- BUTT --- *) Dude likes to rub produce on his ass. Here. --- HAPPY STORY --- *) HAPPY STORY. Here. *) AUDIO Happy music instrumental underneath. Here. AUDIO. --- FALL --- *) 84% of people like Fall weather. Here. --- DOG LEASH --- *) Man had dog leash around wife's neck. Here. --- DO THEIR THANG --- *) Dad arrested for driving teens to park to "do their thang". Here. --- APPLE PIES --- *) McDonalds changed their apple pies. Here. --- BORED --- *) You spend a LOT of your time during life being bored. Here. --- CAR POOL LANE --- *) Dude used a Halloween skeleton in the car pool lane. Here. --- NUDES --- *) She won't send nudes, so threaten to blow up the building. Here. --- SUSHI --- *) Dude eats a lot. Here. --- BIT BALLS --- *) He tried to rape her. She bit his balls. Yes, his balls. Here. --- THE NICOLE STORY --- *) Stupid. Here. --- SAMMY HAGAR --- *) Men still ask Sammy to bang their whore wives. Here. --- WIN LOTTO --- *) They didn't win wait no yes they did. Here. --- MONKEY --- *) Dude gets injured trying to steal a monkey for his chick. Here. --- CHOP CHOP CHOP --- *) All day long, chop chop chop while I sing this song. Here. --- COOKIES --- *) Chocolate chip cookies are as addictive as cocaine. Here. --- MCDONALDS POSTER --- *) These two dudes did an ingenious prank at McDonalds. Here. --- SLEEPY DRINK --- *) There's a new drink that supposed to put you to sleep in 30 minutes. Here. --- SEX ON BEACH --- *) Have you ever had sex on the beach? Here. --- DONUTS --- *) Fruit loop donuts. Here. --- PIZZA --- *) Fish sticks as pizza topping? Here. --- COLONEL --- *) KFC and the Colonel. Here. --- LUBE DOG --- *) What in the hell? Here.
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    Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

    Back in the Day on September 19 59 years ago - In 1959, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev dined with Hollywood elite, including Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra, then became furious when he was told that, for security reasons, he wouldn't be allowed to visit Disneyland. 54 years ago - In 1964, "Flipper" debuted on NBC. It ran for three seasons. They eventually did another version in 1995, starring a very young Jessica Alba. 48 years ago - In 1970, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" debuted on CBS. 45 years ago - In 1973, America's first TRUE "pirate radio" station, Free Radio America went on the air in international waters, a few miles off the coast of Cape May, New Jersey. 44 years ago - In 1974, Max Weinberg, made his debut in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band at the Main Point in Philadelphia. Max was also Conan O'Brien's bandleader for "Late Night" and, briefly, "The Tonight Show". 37 years ago - In 1981, Art Garfunkel decided to let Paul Simon join him on stage for a free Simon & Garfunkel reunion concert in Central Park. About 500,000 Art Garfunkel fans showed up and millions more watched on HBO. 36 years ago - In 1982, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University named Scott Fahlman, became the first person to use the smiley ":-)" and sad face ":-(" emoticons on the internet. (He now regrets doing it.) 34 years ago - In 1984, "Highway to Heaven" debuted on NBC, starring Michael Landon and his gorgeous, manly mane of hair. 33 years ago - In 1985, a U.S. Senate committee heard testimony on the labeling and rating of music with explicit lyrics, initiated by the Parents Music Resource Center, led by Al Gore's wife Tipper Gore. The PMRC had made a list of the most objectionable songs. Their "Filthy Fifteen" included Prince's "Darling Nikki", Sheena Easton's "Sugar Walls", Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It", and Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop". The Senate committee heard testimony from Frank Zappa, John Denver and Dee Snider from Twisted Sister, who were each opposed to music censorship. (WARNING!!! There's UNCENSORED profanity in the Dee Snider testimony.) 30 years ago - In 1988, Greg Louganis hit his head on a springboard during the diving preliminaries at the Seoul Olympics. He didn't tell the doctor who was fixing his bloody gash that he had HIV. 29 years ago - In 1989, "Doogie Howser, M.D.", starring the BRILLIANT Neil Patrick Harris, or "N.P.H.", if you will . . . debuted on ABC. 24 years ago - In 1994, "ER" premiered on NBC. It ran for 15 seasons. 20 years ago - In 1998, the extremely gorgeous John Stamos married the extremely gorgeous Rebecca Romijn. They divorced in 2005 and she married Jerry O'Connell two years later. John Stamos just remarried earlier this year. 13 years ago - In 2005, Lil' Kim started a one year prison sentence for perjuring herself in a friend's shooting trial. She got out after serving less than 10 months. 10 years ago- In 2008, Travis Barker and DJ AM suffered severe burns when their jet crashed after during take-off, killing everyone else on board . . . their personal assistants and the pilots. Adam died of an overdose the following year. September 19th Birthdays
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    Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

    Birthdays on September 19, 2018 Katrina Bowden is 30. Cerie Xerox, on "30 Rock". Danielle Panabaker is 31. Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost on "The Flash". Chase Rice is 33. Country singer. Biggest hit: "Ready Set Roll". Kevin Zegers is 34. Mel on "Fear the Walking Dead". You'd also know him as the kid from the "Air Bud" movies and Damien Dalgaard on "Gossip Girl". Columbus Short is 36. Harrison on "Scandal" . . . until he was killed off the show after allegedly attacking and threatening to kill his wife. Tegan & Sara is 38. Identical twin sisters. They did "Everything Is Awesome" for "The LEGO Movie". You heard their non-LEGO music like "You Wouldn't Like Me" and "Where Does the Good Go" on "Grey's Anatomy". Alison Sweeney is 42. Former host of "The Biggest Loser". Jimmy Fallon is 44. "Tonight Show" host who can never keep a straight face. Sanaa Lathan is 47. Donna Tubbs on "Family Guy". She starred in last year's "Shots Fired". You may also remember her from the "Best Man" movies, "Alien Vs. Predator", and Tyler Perry's "The Family That Preys". Trisha Yearwood is 54. Mrs. Garth Brooks. Kim Richards is 54. "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star who was a popular child actress in the '70s. She starred in Disney's "Witch Mountain" movies, "Nanny & the Professor", and the "Diff'rent Strokes" spin-off, "Hello Larry". Paris Hilton is her niece. Cheri Oteri is 56. Formerly one of the cheerleaders on "Saturday Night Live". She should have had the career Kristen Wiig is having. But as Tracy Morgan once said, "That [B-word] can't even get arrested." Yeah, he didn't like her. Lita Ford is 60. Lead guitarist for The Runaways. Her biggest solo hits were "Kiss Me Deadly" and her duet with Ozzy, "Close My Eyes Forever". Nile Rodgers from Chic is 66. Chic was the best disco band ever. Remember "Le Freak"? Genius Nile Rodgers also wrote "We Are Family" for Sister Sledge. Joan Lunden is 68. Former "Good Morning America" host. Twiggy Lawson is 69. The original waif model. She has a cameo in "The Blues Brothers". Elwood totally stands her up. Jeremy Irons is 70. Alfred in "Justice League" and "Batman vs. Superman". He was also the voice of Scar in "The Lion King", the head bad guy in the third "Die Hard" movie, and the corrupt Pope on Showtime's "The Borgias". Laurence "Lol" Crème is 71. Leader of the '70s art rock group 10cc. Remember "I'm Not In Love"? He's also the "Creme" in Godley & Creme. Randolph Mantooth is 73. Paramedic John Gage on "Emergency!". His extremely masculine last name was most likely Will Ferrell's inspiration for Vince Vaughn's "Anchorman" character, "Wes Mantooth." Coincidence? Joe Morgan is 75. Baseball Hall of Famer and former announcer. Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers is 78. Everyone knows "Unchained Melody" from "Ghost", "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" from "Top Gun", and his Jennifer Warnes duet "(I've Had) the Time of My Life" from "Dirty Dancing". David McCallum is 85. Ducky, the medical examiner on "NCIS". James Lipton is 92. "Inside the Actors Studio" legend. Adam West (1928 - 2017) "The One True Batman" from the '60s TV series. Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, Bale, and Affleck, ALL MUST BOW. Mama Cass Elliot (1941 - 1974) The Mamas and the Papas. Biggest hits: "Monday, Monday" and "California Dreamin'". William Golding (1911 - 1993) "Lord of the Flies" author. • Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day • 22 days until National Coming Out Day • 27 days until World Food Day • 44 days until "Bohemian Rhapsody" • 46 days until Daylight Saving Ends September 19th On This Day in History
  5. Stormy Daniels Says President Trump was Below Average, and Compared His Genitals to a Mario Character HIGHLIGHTS: In her new book, STORMY DANIELS describes PRESIDENT TRUMP's genitalia as smaller than average. She also graphically compares it to a "Mario Kart" character and described the surrounding region as that of a yeti. FULL STORY: One of the British tabloids got a hold of STORMY DANIELS' upcoming memoir, "Full Disclosure" . . . and obviously, the part most people are talking about is her description of PRESIDENT TRUMP's genitalia. She calls it, quote, "smaller than average [but] not freakishly small." She adds that it's unusual, because it has, quote, "a huge mushroom head, like a toadstool." She compares it to the "mushroom character from Mario Kart." (The character's name is Toad. Here's a picture, and here are the memes.) She also says he has, quote, "Yeti pubes." And she adds, quote, "It may have been the least impressive sex I'd ever had, but clearly, he didn't share that opinion." (The Guardian)
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    Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

    "Sunday Night Football" Won Another Week of Repeats "Sunday Night Football" won another slow week of repeats. 20.7 million people tuned in to see the Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants, 20-13. Meanwhile, "America's Got Talent" took the fourth and fifth spots with just over 10 million viewers on each night's show. Here are last week's Top 10 shows: 1. "Sunday Night Football", NBC, 20.7 million viewers 2. A "60 Minutes" repeat, CBS, 11.4 million viewers 3. "Football Night in America, Part 3", NBC, 10.9 million viewers 4. Tuesday's "America's Got Talent", NBC, 10.8 million viewers 5. Wednesday's "America's Got Talent", NBC, 10.2 million viewers 6. "Saturday Night Football", ABC, 7.2 million viewers 7. A "Big Bang Theory" repeat, CBS, 6.6 million viewers 8. Sunday's "Big Brother", CBS, 6.4 million viewers 9. "Football Night in America, Part 2", NBC, 6.2 million viewers 10. An "NCIS" repeat, CBS, 6.2 million viewers
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    Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

    Wednesday TV Reminders • The 13th season finale of "America's Got Talent" at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. • The ninth season finale of "Masterchef" at 8:00 p.m. on Fox. • The eighth season premiere of "Total Divas" at 9:00 p.m. on E! • The mid-season finale of "Suits" at 9:00 p.m. on USA. • The second season finale of "The Sinner" at 10:00 p.m. on USA. • A one-hour preview of the sitcom "I Feel Bad" at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. It stars Sarayu Blue as a working mother who's constantly torturing herself for not getting everything right all the time. Amy Poehler is one of the executive producers. (Trailer) Tonight's schedule also includes the Julie Chen Moonves hosted "Big Brother" at 8:00 p.m. . . . and "American Horror Story"and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" at 10:00 p.m.
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    Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

    Willie Nelson Doesn't Care If People Disagree with His Politics HIGHLIGHTS: WILLIE NELSON was asked if he's surprised that people are "shocked" over his support of Texas senate candidate Beto O'Rourke. He said, quote, "I don't know why because I've been supporting democrats all my life." FULL STORY: WILLIE NELSON was on "The View" yesterday promoting his "My Way" album. And because that show HAS to stir things up, they hit him with questions about his politics. They asked why people are "shocked" that he supports Texas senate candidate Beto O'Rourke. He said, quote, "I don't know why because I've been supporting democrats all my life. haven't hidden it that much." He had a great response when they asked if he's getting a lot of flack about it. Quote, "Oh, I love flack. We're not happy till they're not happy." Asked if he's bothered that people get upset about his politics. He said, quote, "I don't care. They're entitled to their opinions and I'm entitled to mine." They did lighten up enough to ask about his beloved guitar Trigger, and he told a story about the time he almost lost it. Quote "They called me and said the house was on fire. It just so happened that I had Trigger in the house . . . and also a pound of good weed." He rushed in and got them both. He saved the guitar, and had a friend go hide the weed.
  9. HIGHLIGHT the invisible text below to find out what he did. The police in Manassas, Virginia got a call from a Giant grocery store on Saturday afternoon about something VERY unusual happening. A guy was picking up different pieces of produce . . . dropping his pants . . . RUBBING them on his BUTT CHEEKS . . . and then putting them back on the shelves. The cops came and arrested 27-year-old Michael Dwayne Johnson. He's been charged with indecent exposure and destruction of property, and the grocery store had to throw out a ton of their produce because it had been contaminated.
  10. Teenagers all over the country are joining a movement to protest against having to stand up in front of their class to give a presentation. Why? Because public speaking can make them too ANXIOUS. The protest started when a 15-year-old high school student who goes by "Leen" on Twitter posted a tweet earlier this month that said, quote, "Stop forcing students to present in front of the class and give them a choice not to." Her tweet is now at over 500,000 combined retweets and likes, and has more than 138,000 comments . . . a ton of which are supporting what she's saying. But are these kids right? Should schools cut out mandatory public speaking because it's bad for some kids' mental health? Maybe it's not a question of right or wrong. A history teacher in Texas named Kathleen Carver basically summed it up . . . things are just different today. Quote, "We're in a day and age where we have to acknowledge our students' feelings."
  11. Fall officially begins this weekend, and that means fall weather shouldn't be too far behind. And when things DO finally cool off a little, it's going to be great. At least 84% of people in every city say they like fall weather . . . whenever it gets here. The big cities where people like it the most are: Denver . . . Chicago . . . Atlanta . . . Boston . . . and Philadelphia. The big cities where people like it the least are cities where "seasons" aren't really a thing: Los Angeles . . . Miami . . . Tampa . . . Phoenix . . . and Orlando.
  12. There's a 47-year-old guy in San Antonio named Wesley Ryan who used to tool around town in a white 1993 Ford Mustang. And he loved that car more than pretty much anything, except his family. About 17 years ago, he decided to SELL it to pay off medical bills after his wife Laura was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The good news is her treatments worked, and she's been cancer free for 13 years now. Which is all that really matters. But he always missed that car. So their two kids . . . who are now in their 20s . . . recently managed to track down the Mustang's new owner. And last month, they bought it BACK for him. There's a video of them surprising him with it. And as soon as he sees it, he starts crying. But he wasn't just emotional about the car. He told a local paper that doing what they did proves his kids are good people. And knowing he and his wife raised them right is the, quote, "strongest, most powerful feeling that a parent can have."
  13. You've probably been eating McDonald's apple pies since you were a kid. And first off . . . considering how bad they are for you, congrats on still being alive. Second off . . . they probably make you VERY nostalgic. Which is why this is NOT going over well. McDonald's just made some pretty BIG changes to their apple pies. The pies now have a new "lattice crust" on top . . . so instead of being totally covered with dough, now it criss-crosses on top. And the pies also have new ingredients, including more cinnamon and less sugar. And people are not exactly thrilled. One person tweeted, quote, "They are horrible now." Twitter Ads info and privacy Another person tweeted, quote, "My cravings were disrespected today." Twitter Ads info and privacy But McDonald's isn't backpedaling. They swear that people will grow to love the new pies even more. And they also pointed out it's not the first time they changed the recipe: In 1992, they switched from deep frying them to baking them.
  14. A Florida man faces charges after he allegedly drove his 15-year-old son to a park with his teen girlfriend so they could have sex — or, in the dad’s words, “do their thang,” according to police. Laurence Mitchell, 53, was arrested earlier this month after an officer spotted him after-hours in his car at McChesney Park in Port St. Lucie, according to The Smoking Gun. The dad reportedly told the officer that his son requested he take him and his girlfriend to the local park “so they can do what kids do.” “Well, they aren’t out there stealing, they are just having sex,” Mitchell allegedly said to the cop, adding that “they could be out there doing worse.” Mitchell, however, allegedly admitted that he didn’t know if the girl’s parents consented to her being out. The police officer then interviewed the teen couple after they returned from the soccer field, the TCPalm reported. Mitchell’s son reportedly told the officer that he and his girlfriend were “just smokin’ and f–kin’.”
  15. A Long Island man, 45, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly threatening to shoot an 11-year-old boy after losing to him in an online video game, New York’s FOX 5 reported. Michael Aliperti sent threatening texts and online voice messages to the Kings Park boy Monday night after losing in an Xbox game called Fortnite, police said. Aliperti allegedly threatened to shoot the boy at school, FOX 5 reported. Aliperti was arrested around 1:40 a.m. on Tuesday in his Huntington home. Police Chief of Department Stuart Cameron said authorities found a plastic pellet gun in the home. Aliperti was charged with second-degree aggravated harassment and acting in a manner to injure a child, according to Suffolk County Police Department. Cameron said there was an increased police presence at the boy’s school. “We took this as a school threat. That was done out of an abundance of caution,” Cameron said. Aliperti was arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip on Tuesday. He pleaded not guilty, according to the Suffolk County district attorney’s office. Aliperti’s attorney said he is seeking transcripts of the alleged threats, Newsday reported. “Salty language is a two-way street and it’s normal behavior in the gaming community,” his attorney said. He added that Aliperti is going through a “bitter divorce.” Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice Andrew Crecca set Aliperti’s bond at $10,000 and issued an order of protection for the boy, Newsday reported. Aliperti is due back in court on Oct. 4. Both Huntington and Kings Park are located in Suffolk County on the north shore of Long Island.