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    There were a few things that happened this week that have made me really think about internet hype vs. reality. With the current environment within National politics the way it is, I do believe it's extremely important to think about it. For example, the other day the President was speaking at The White House. A lot of the networks had feeds on Facebook; I saw one, so I decided to sit and watch his speech along with the LIVE-IN-REAL-TIME comments. HUNDREDS of comments were coming at the speed of light, and every single ONE of them were negative. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I sat there in disbelief as I read shitty, nasty comment after shitty, nasty comment. Last week was National Breast Feeding Week. I know, and yes, it's a thing. Ironically I found a story about a woman who was in Boca Raton, FL who was kicked out of a restaurant for breast feeding. Read it here. I talked about it, and basically said I wouldn't be offended enough to leave, but I can certainly understand someone who wouldn't want to see it, or for whatever reason would want to leave. Here is exactly what I said. Pretty innocent. Right? Oh NOOOOOOOOOO - "BRANDY", the militant breast feeder who called the show started a CAMPAIGN on Facebook, and women from all over the place showed up to dig in on that evil "DOUCHE CANOE" KRAMER! As you can see, it went on for pages and pages. That is just scratching the surface. It went on all week as well. Like my Facebook page if you haven't already done so to read even more awesome, fun and amusing quotes. I'm a douche canoe she said. 😂 So now enter the Mayor Mike Thomas over hyped drama. Our Mayor was at a City Counsel meeting and toward the end he made an off the cuff joke. It was mildly funny, but they laughed. You can watch the video here. My stance on the air was, and I will repeat it here. It was a joke. The end. It was nothing more, clearly. CLEARLY IT WAS NOTHING MORE THAN A JOKE. NOT shockingly, an ex radio personality who now has a Facebook show, hyped it up to be something it wasn't. He even conned the NEWSPAPER and a television channel to pick it up and run with it. It's what a lot of networks do. They make news out of something that isn't news, and they prey on your willingness to be angry at politicians, and before you know it has some people get caught up in nonsense that really means nothing. No one has any integrity any more - and as I get older and wiser (hopefully) I see the harm that it does to a lot of people. It's sad, and it's unfair. If I went on the air and made something out of nothing for my own personal gain, I really couldn't sleep at night. How some people can do that is a mystery to me, but they do it every time they get a chance. There is a MAJOR difference in TROLLING and doing a TALK SHOW. Getting people whipped up from one sound clip and one video clip, and pretending to use the views of it for your personal gain - is wrong. And here's even another example of turning something around, spinning it, and using someone. I had brunch with the Mayor one day last week just to kind of get to know him a little and the same for him. We talked about what happened and he said he apologized and didn't have anything else to say about it. That was fine with me, and I don't blame him. I told him he made a huge mistake even making an apology in the first place. It was a JOKE. We're getting to the point where there is no turning back on the political correctness. I've nver seen anythinig like it. The ONE thing I adore more than anything is having a rich non politician as President who does not give TWO SHITS what anyone thinks. He has the power and the money to raise up the two middle fingers, and fly them proudly. Having a career in radio, I've dealt with idiocy a million times. I've been fired for saying things, sometimes it was valid and others it was from overly hyped bullshit. Let's take a look at Facebook Man's account about ol' Kramer from today as a matter of fact: The original message was from someone who kept PMing me on Facebook berating me. He wouldn't stop and I finally engaged him and told him how I felt. And then of course, he lost his mind. I stick firmly by my original sentiment about Facebook Man. Now, those negative comments are ALLLLLLLLLLLLL because I said I wasn't offended by an obvious JOKE from the MAYOR. Think about that. People are claiming to be ANGRY AT ME because I'm not angry at our Mayor for telling A JOKE!!!! HOLY SHIT! (Oh and poor Jake Navvarro is so desperate for listeners he's taking this time to ask people to listen to his toaster oven of a radio station. DUDE - THAT IS PATHETIC! You should be ashamed and your Mother should call you and tell you to tell you you've shamed the family.) Let me also tell you - last week was CATEGORY 101 WEEK. I felt we needed to do a week's worth of shows to talk about hurricane preparedness, so each day was a different day. Thursday was on evacuating, so I had the Mayor on to talk about ways to evacuate and how to respond when a major hurricane is forecast for the Panhandle. I thought that was pretty important, but to Facebook Man and his 10 Patreon supporters, that wasn't as important as asking the Mayor about an attempt at humor during a City Counsel meeting. Evidently, THAT is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than trying to save lives. Right?
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    i would never ever feed in public espeshially in a restuarant that is gross and nobiody wants to see a worn out titty
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    There is no way this woman Brandy has a job. She spends all day online barking at people about someone's opinion on breast feeding. What a waste of time.
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    You should make some burnie rocks and sell them. Dude is selling rocks. Remember that. Rocks.
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    Burnie Thompson is too involved with feeding his own ego to ever actually DO anything for the community. NO one actually believes he ran for city counsel for no other reason than to feed in to his ego and to bother the other peope within the local government.
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    Yeah. Cuz (lol) you're trying to use the BURNIE THOMPSON FACEBOOK MAN WITH A FACEBOOK SHOW to get listeners to your radio station. AND YOU CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHY THAT IS HILARIOUS! I MEAN REALLY!
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    maybe fat people shouldnt be cops but still and burnie why did you get fired again?
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    burnie answer my question why u got fired? dont lie.
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    kramer who is josh allyn?
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    Don't change a God Damn thing Kramer. You are giving this City something it's needed for a long time a new style of radio. The predictable mad guy who pretends to be conservative is over played.
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    Thank you. Sad that someone like Burnie doesn't understand the need for safety during hurricanes, and would rather we use our time to bash a local politician over a joke than to educate on how to stay safe.
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    He's extremely reactionary isn't he? He's just doing anything to stay relevant. He'll be repeating all of this on his website. He's one of those people who thrives on any and all attention; it makes him feel like he's important.
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    this made me laff out loud he is one of those trolls who the more you talk about him the more relevant he thinks he is in his own mind. same with the mayor. the mayor responds to him and he thinks he did something. the 90s called and they want their radio model back bernie.
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    burnie loves to shit talk but when the tables get turned he acts like a baby feel the burn hahaha 🤣
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    No, it's not. And the fact that a group of people are DYING to keep an insignificant joke a news story in market 200 is sad. #overreach
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