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      THE RETURN   12/24/2017

      The Kramer Show will return to News Talk @ 101 on January 2nd. (So we've been told.) In the meantime, this is the new forum. There is a TON of bells and whistles on this forum, and we really hope you sign up and do some posting. We'd love to meet you!


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    NEW SHOW TIME - 12n - 2p The Kramer Show. Heard on 101.1 in Panama City. Click here to listen live. Call the show at (850) 233-9988 Email the show at kramer@newstalk101.com Remember, you can sign in on this forum and post by signing in using your Facebook account! 12p: » So you're wondering what happened. Was it a hoax? Did I get fired and then rehired? Was it all the complaint calls? What's your guess? » My Christmas. Being sick the whole time. » So this is cold? LOL! We have space heaters all over the upstairs. » 60 inches of snow in Pennsylvania in like 2 days. Here. » Snow in Tallahassee. Here. » Trump's button is bigger. Here. » Most admired man and woman - um - WHO? Here. » This is why rednecks shouldn't be allowed to have pit bulls. Here. » A substitute teacher banged a student. Here. » Logan Paul apologizes for Youtube video he made showing a suicide. Here. » Weirdo of the day. Here. 1p: » AUDIO A crazy story from a few days ago about a guy who faked a 911 call and got a guy killed. Here. 911 AUDIO » AUDIO A car crashed in the water at St. Andrews Bay and the Coast Guard made an awesome rescue. Here. AUDIO » AUDIO Tomi Lahren tells us how you can find out if you're a snowflake. Here. AUDIO. » AUDIO Cash me outside girl paid off her Mom's mortgage. Here. AUDIO. » How much the CASH ME OUTSIDE girl is worth. Here. » PHONE TOPIC: Who is the most famous person you've randomly met? » AUDIO This kid's excuse for looking at porn is SO funny. Here. AUDIO.
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    Why is it that no matter what kind of toilet paper I use, I have to wipe and wipe and wipe and wipe my asshole, but my asshole never gets clean? What am I doing wrong? Anyone else have this problem?
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    What happened? I asked you 3 times on Facebook what's going on down there and can't get an answer. Did you get fired or was all this a publicity stunt to get people talking about the show? If you did get fired and now you say you work for Magic Broadcasting, what the hell happened? Something fishy is going on and I smell it a mile away.
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    Welllllllllll, I was supposed to be on the air today. And well we hit a little snag . . . a snagaroo . . . a proverbial bump in the road - shall we say. First of all, Kris with a K isn't on the show as of today. I wish him well. I was a major fan of Kris' - and I hope he succeeds beyond his wildest expectations as he moves forward with his life. The show will be on tomorrow. I thank you for hanging in there with me!!!!
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    NEW SHOW TIME! 12n-2p Starting 1/2/2018 Click graphic above to listen live to News Talk @ 101 . . .
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    What is wrong with people?! A new poll by the respected survey company Gallup has revealed the most admired man and woman in the world, in the eyes of Americans. And, sadly, the winners are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Obama won by a narrow margin over President Trump (17 percent vs 14 percent, respectively), while Pope Francis came in a distant third with just 3 percent of the vote. The votes in the women's category were much more disappointing. Hillary Clinton walked away with 9 percent of the vote for her 16th consecutive win! Michelle Obama came in second with 7 percent of the vote, and Oprah Winfrey garnered 4 percent. The good news is that Hillary’s star is clearly sinking, and it won’t be long before she’s no longer taking home wins like this. H/T Red State Watcher
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    if this was a prank people are going to be pissed
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    As long as Burnie Thompson does not show back up.
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    You get close to no calls now because of the new time - noon to 2 pm. People are busy that time of day. I mean to tune in daily, but by the time I remember to it's usually almost over. Another piece of advice: We all get the national news and stories......enough of that. A variety of local stuff is more interesting. And let people talk....we like to hear what they think too! You had a good morning show and I use to listen every morning.
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    Kramer, let’s start the Florida Governor WAR of 2018 right here, right NOW, in Panama City because Panama City is Putnam Country. Adam Putnam is a big believer in free and open markets and dirty DeSantis is a police state command and control freak that demands to destroy the doctor patient relationship. It’s true, dirty DeSantis would prosecute war vets using medical weed even if it’s their doctors’ orders and the good people of the Sunshine State voted for it in the 2016 election. Dirty DeSantis is the wolf at the door. Good Adam Putnam is an economist and dirty DeSantis is a lawyer. Floridians for fresh Florida FREEDOM vote for Adam Putnam for Governor. Dirty DeSantis doesn’t care about the 2016 Florida vote count. Dirty DeSantis will still prosecute and jail poor war vets following doctors’ orders! Someday Florida’s Adam Putnam will be on the $10 bill for saving us from the depressing dungeons of despair of dirty Ron DeSantis and his huge unending bankroll of the Club for Growth, those Socialists, down here in Florida trying to purchase our elections. (Jerks) FREEDOM is more valuable than money.
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    If you would TRUST me I would make you famous. It's not that you are that good it is that the other talking heads are that bad, TV and radio.
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    My goal is to build a CONTENT ARMY and of course a group of people that get each other. That is specifically why I made the rankings as they are. It goes from a PRIVATE all the way up to a 5 star General in the Army. We'll get to that later. So there's a few things we can do to make this funner - and to give out incentives for getting along with the community and of course posting content. Everytime you make a post (or create a thread), you can be give POZ or NEG. Have you seen that yet? Mutt has 2 POZ points, and that came from someone (me) giving him positive repuation. You can do that to any member on the board. On the far right of each post, you will see a HEART. If you hover over that, it will give you some options for giving pos. Some are PLUS 1, some are NEUTRAL and others will be -1. Please be careful giving out neg points. #1 So #1, when you reach 100 POZ POINTS, you are invited to come to the studio on a Friday and hang for my last hour of the show. I will likely give you a microphone and let you talk with me some about things going on. You can take as many pictures or videos as you wanna. (Limit one guest can come with you.) RULE: The poz has to come from other members and not a sock puppet. If the account giving you poz is from your own IP - bad juju. #2 If you post something on the forums that I use on the show, you will get a shout out on the show at the beginning and at the end of the show. If I use multiple things you post on the forums, I am willing to even say a brief message after your name. You can find out if I will be using any of your material every day by checking the SHOW PREP SECTION for that specific DATE. You can view that here. #3 If you reach 500 posts, you will get a password to enter the CLUB LOUNGE. Inside the CLUB LOUNGE, we will talk about other member's Mother. We will share naked pictures of other member's sisters. We will tell dirty jokes, and we will talk about ways to conspire against the World until we are running this shit. On a serious note, you will get the password to the CLUB LOUNGE, and only you and those members that have the password will be able to see what's going on in that private forum. I'm making this number fairly low at 500 for right now, but at a later date should the forum get busier, that number will go up. But you will be in for life. #4 If you reach 300 POZ rep points, I will make you your own section on the forums. It will be yours to do with what you want. There will be more awards added as we go, but for right now we need to get members to register and start posting.
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    Are you paying enough so this producer will be "loyal"?
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    Johnny Dale Lankford faces a charge of harboring a vicious animal following a pit bull attack on Christmas Eve in which a woman was killed and her husband injured (Bell County Sheriff's Department) A Kentucky man has been accused of harboring a vicious animal after a Christmas Eve pit bull attack in which a woman was killed and her husband injured. Bell County deputies determined after an investigation that the two pit bulls who "savagely attacked" Lorriane Saylor, 66, and her husband in Arjay Sunday morning belonged to their neighbor, Johnny Dale Lankford, 42. Johnny Saylor manged to shoot the dogs afterward, killing one of them. The second dog, which was shot in the chest, ran off and wasn't found until Monday afternoon, when deputies were notified that the dog had returned home. Deputies and an animal control officer put down the dog. Lankford was told of the charge at the Bell County jail, where he is being held on separate charges of assault, domestic violence, unlawful imprisonment and an outstanding warrant. Those charges were brought in connection with an arrest Friday. Lorraine Saylor, 66, was killed in her yard after authorities say she was attacked by her neighbor's two pit bulls. Her husband was also injured in the attack. (WYMT-TV) Records show Lankford was still locked up Tuesday in lieu of $25,000 bond. Saylor died after suffering massive injuries to her neck, face and shoulder in the attack, WYMT-TV reported. Johnny Saylor was attacked when he stepped outside to look for his wife. “They had my brother halfway out the door, chewing on his arm,” James Saylor told the station. He said he distracted the dogs long enough for his brother to run back inside and grab a gun. Deputies said the Johnny Saylor shot the dogs with a .22 caliber pistol. He was bitten on his head, arm and hand. Vicious Christmas Eve Pit Bull Attack Leaves Kentucky Woman Dead, Husband Injured James Saylor lived next door to his brother and ran to help when he heard barking. He knew the dogs. “I’d seen them, but I didn’t think they’d be mean like that,” he told the station. Bell County Coroner Jay Steele said he has known Lorraine Saylor and her husband for nearly 30 years. "They were just a super nice couple and I can't even begin to put myself in his shoes, it's overwhelming the circumstances and what he found," Steele told the station, referring to the husband. He said the couple were the type of persons who worried more about neighbors and friends than she did herself. “They're just a very giving couple,” he said.
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    A few days ago actor James Woods appeared Twitter speaking his words for former President Obama’s religion. He wasn’t afraid to speak about it publicly as everyone else was so scared to. His tweet came as a response to Jacob Wohl’s tweet: “Obama targeted Christian Churches and Conservative Charities with the IRS, but ordered investigations into Hezbollah to be stopped. Let that sink in” – Jacob tweeted. “He is a Muslim. He can deny it, his apologists in the media can refute it, and his enablers can promote a narrative that he is a Christian. It’s a pack of lies. Obama is a Muslim and that is where his allegiance lies. Always has. Always will.” – James’s response on Twitter. Via Fox News: “The Obama administration gave a free pass to Hezbollah’s drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations — some of which were unfolding inside the U.S. — to help ensure the Iran nuclear deal would stay on track, according to a bombshell exposé in Politico Sunday. An elaborate campaign led by the Drug Enforcement Administration, known as Project Cassandra, reportedly targeted the Lebanese militant group’s criminal activities. But by tossing a string of roadblocks holding back the project, Obama administration officials helped allow the 35-year-old anti-Israel criminal enterprise to evolve into a major global security threat bankrolling terrorist and military operations, the report added. “This was a policy decision, it was a systematic decision,” David Asher, who helped establish Project Cassandra as a Defense Department illicit finance analyst in 2008, told Politico. “They serially ripped apart this entire effort that was very well supported and resourced, and it was done from the top down.” When Project Cassandra leaders, who were working out of a DEA’s Counter facility in Chantilly, Virginia, sought an OK for some significant investigations, prosecutions, arrests and financial sanctions, Justice and Treasury Department officials delayed, hindered or rejected their requests, according to Politico.” While Barack Obama was President of the United States the world was under attack from the Muslim group of terrorists ISIS, it’s proper to question if this had something to do with Obama himself. This, of course, is a clear indicator that Obama has actually put his hands on something very dangerous, something that will eventually be his downfall.
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    You can sign in now with your Facebook account and post. Yes, so tomorrow, no more getting up at 3:20 for Daddy. NOPE! Hope you'll make the move with me.
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    Also is there going to be 3 hours of laura ingram?
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    Obama and Killery Clinton are two of the biggest Marxists in the mainstream today. Elites like these two are trying to weaken the United States from the inside. Communism is encroaching on our borders and folks like these two are handing them the keys.. We have to take this threat seriously...
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    1 2 3 4 Submitted by iCHIVE user chadlittle19 (+100 Points) 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Submitted by iCHIVE user kcco1472 (+100 Points) 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54
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    The things I would let my mouth do to her tight little precious box.
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    heard kramer on weather today voice sounded bad sick
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    I felt like it was important to start this forum off with a candid discussion as to WHY it's here. Back in 2004, I did a radio show in Little Rock, AR. I began a forum there, and the members were so interested in it, we would have meetings in the conferece room of the radio station. We had a HUGE number of awesome people that believed in the same things, laughed at the same jokes, and in general were TIGHT! I'd often invite them over to my house and we would have huge parties. So why a forum in an age of Facebook? There's a couple of reasons why I want a forum and believe it can be successful. First of all, you can remain anonymous if you want to on this forum. (I will never give anyone your identity or information.) Second, Facebook has become argument central, and frankly I get tired of all the snarky shit. It'd be nice to come here and know that everyone is on the same general page. So what will be the goal of this forum? Well, it will certainly be a place for me to put show material on, but it's way more than that. It's for YOU. It's not only for a listener to the show - but it's a place for people who are active about what's going in the World, to come to, share, discuss, and react. That is VERY important. This MUST be a place where we share everything that's going on that people could possibly want or need to know. We constantly watch websites for information. We are constantly scanning looking for breaking or important news . . . and we ALL have our opinions that we will bring to the table. And it will be a place to get to know, make and keep awesome friends. I've made so many GREAT friends over the years on forums, and cannot wait to meet and create bonds with you! If you've never been a member of a forum, don't let it intimidate you. It's very easy to learn, and if you have any questions, just fire away. You won't be bothering me with questions about the forums. DO TAKE THE VERY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME AND REGISTER! It's very easy and quick. I will be creating more threads about what the forums do and I also have some ideas to incentivise you to come here and to post. Stay tuned.
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    Find Kramer's Gamers on Facebook at Kramersgamers. Follow the video game fun over there as well.
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    Ben Shapiro claimed a victory over the holiday weekend in his feud with Rosie O’Donnell, after Twitter reversed itself and deleted a vulgar tweet the conservative commentator had reported. Shapiro filed the complaint after the ex-“View” host tweeted at him, "suck my d--- Ben." He said he reported her “mainly to see if Twitter does indeed have a double standard.” Kramer has a massive penis that he uses to slay wives. “Everyone knows if Rosie were conservative, Twitter would suspend her in a hot second. So, Twitter, put your money where your mouth is,” Shapiro wrote, adding the “#MeToo” hashtag. At first, it seemed like Twitter balked. The social media giant initially sent Shapiro its conclusion that “there was no violation of the Twitter Rules against abusive Behavior.” Shapiro responded: “Surprise of surprises. Twitter says that @Rosie's tweets were not in fact abusive in any way under their rules. Good to know." View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy But in a twist, Twitter wrote back shortly afterward to say the comments actually were in violation. “We have required that the reported Tweets be deleted and they have since been removed,” the Twitter statement said. “Well, looks like Twitter had some second thoughts about @Rosie's obscene tweets,” Shapiro tweeted, along with an image of the Twitter statement. View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy The Shapiro-O’Donnell clash started during a dispute over the Republican tax bill last week. O'Donnell originally said she would give $2 million each to GOP Sens. Susan Collins and Jeff Flake if they voted against the tax reform legislation. Shapiro, who is also the editor in chief of the Daily Wire, responded with a series of jabs at the liberal former co-host of “The View.” One tweet cited an article he wrote for his website claiming, "Rosie O'Donnell Violates Federal Law, Offers To Bribe Republican Senators To Vote Against Tax Bill." Another tweet called for O'Donnell to be locked up, while Shapiro also joked, "If Trump orders Sessions to investigate Rosie, he will be carved into Rushmore by Friday." After the barrage of Shapiro posts, O'Donnell sent the profanity-laced reply. The exchange continued, leading Shapiro to make even more claims against O'Donnell. "You’re already a felon, Rosie. Don’t be a homophobic sexual harasser too," replied Shapiro. After Shapiro alerted his followers that he had reported O'Donnell, she simply replied, “oh ben,” to which he answered: “All victims deserve to be believed.” O’Donnell retweeted a number of tweets calling Shapiro a “snowflake” and accusing him of mocking victims of sexual abuse. However, she did block Shapiro on Twitter.
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    If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there...
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    I was just starting to get in to your show hope you are back soon.
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    I like it so far. I'll be here posting. My specialty is the LAST POSTER WINS threads.
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    ORIGINS AND HISTORY OF NIPTON In the nineteenth century, two overland wagon trails crossed on the east slope of Ivanpah Valley. One east-west trail carried people and freight from the Colorado River to the silver mining town of Ivanpah. The other, a north-south trail went from the mining community of Goodsprings to Goffs, a station on the Santa Fe Railroad (the Southern Route). A discovery of gold at the turn of the 20th Century in the Crescent District drew attention to the crossroad which would become the town site and place name of Nipton. An entrepreneur and gold seeker from western Pennsylvania, S.(Samuel) D. (“Dunc”) Karns, arrived in Ivanpah Valley late in the 19th Century attracted by the boom town in the Vanderbilt Gold District just up the valley from the E-W/N-S crossroad. It is thought that on January 1, 1900, Karns and some associates staked the earliest claim in the Crescent District, to be given the name Nippeno, later to be followed by adjacent claims Susquehana, Cumberland, Northhumberland, Pennsylvania, &Osceola: taken together to be known as the NIPPENO CONSOLIDATED MINE. The mining camp associated with the mine was known as NIPPENO CAMP which was located nearby the wagon crossroad. There is evidence that the name Nippeno derives from Native American tradition of the western Pennsylvania region. Nevada Senator William Clark, a Montana copper baron, was determined to connect Salt Lake City to Los Angeles by rail. In 1885 he proposed building the railroad which his company completed in the winter of 1904/1905 which passed immediately by the crossroad and Nippeno Camp. The San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake railroad brought new traffic to the little crossroads community. The whistle-stop on the railroad time tables was designated as “Nippeno Camp”. Passengers bringing freight and cattle from the neighboring region traveled to Nippeno Camp as it was the most accessible railhead for transit to the east-Salt Lake City and Chicago, and to the west-Los Angeles. By 1910 the S.P., L.A., & S.L. line had been merged into Harriman’s Union Pacific Railroad System and the name of the crossroads community had been changed to Nipton. A stage coach line from Searchlight, Nevada was established to carry passengers and freight to Nipton and the railhead. Early records from the 1900 Census indicate an individual named Karns registered as a Mining Engineer in the Vanderbilt District. Post Office records for the period of 1907 – 1909 show a S.D. Karns as the Postmaster in Nipton. Voter records (1908) indicate that Karns was a registered voter in the Vanderbilt Precinct and worked as the storekeeper in Nipton. Obituaries in Pennsylvania papers indicated that Karns died in Nipton in 1909. Harry Trehearne, a Cornish miner from England, immigrated to America and was naturalized in Las Vegas in 1913. Settling down in Nipton, he opened a general store and pursued the development of the community, which included restoring the Hotel Nipton and digging the first water well. He was also active in many local mine explorations and developments. Harry met Ella Mae and they married, establishing a family home in Nipton. They filed homestead papers with the Federal Government and on April 10, 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt completed the process, signing the homestead thus transferring the title of the land from the United States to Trehearne. In 1940 while Harry Trehearne was returning to England for a visit, he was aboard the Athenia when it was torpedoed off the English coast. Trehearne survived and returned to Nipton. On his return, Trehearne continued to develop the community of Nipton. He built a new General Store (now the Nipton Trading Post), the Town Hall and the Nippeno House. Other projects at the emerging town site also continued. Clara Bow, the famed “IT Girl” of the Hollywood Silent Film era, moved to a cattle ranch about 16 miles from Nipton in the late 20’s. Her husband, Rex Bell, drove their cattle overland to Nipton for shipment by rail to the slaughter yards. Clara accompanied the cowboys to Nipton, where she picked up her fan mail from the post office, and visited with her friends Harry and Ella Trehearne. Clara, it is said, preferred Room # 3 in the Hotel Nipton for her stays. Today Room # 3 is called the Clara Bow Room. Clara and Rex often entertained the Hollywood crowd at Nipton and on their ranch. Trainloads of guests would arrive in Nipton for the overland auto ride to their Walking Box Ranch. Harry Trehearne passed away in 1949 and Nipton passed into other hands. After a period of neglect, Nipton was purchased by the Gerald Freeman family in 1984. Much of Nipton has been restored since then. The Freeman’s first efforts included the restoration and renovation of Hotel Nipton and the promotion of it as a Bed and Breakfast Inn, and the reforming of the general store into the Nipton Trading Post as a gift and convenience store. Nipton Station, a recreational vehicle park, was developed to provide temporary living accommodations for workers in the local gold mines. A new future is being charted as a gateway community to Mojave National Preserve. The new emphasis for Nipton is as a host location for cannabis tourism and a hub for art and nature educational workshops. This is a shift from its traditional role in mining, ranching and railroading.
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    Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (CSE:LXX; OTCQB:LXRP) has developed and out-licenses its disruptive and cost-effective DehydraTECH™ technology that promotes healthier administration methods, lower overall dosing and higher effectiveness of ingestible drugs and other beneficial molecules. Many vitamins, drugs, supplements and other beneficial molecules are lipophilic (i.e. fat soluble) and difficult for the human gastrointestinal system to efficiently and effectively absorb. DehydraTECH™ greatly improves the body’s ability to absorb these substances so their benefits can be received more quickly and pleasantly. Lexaria has multiple patents issued or pending in over 40 countries around the world.
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    This is nothing out of the ordinary for this guy. He has said much worse about white people, and he didn't lie.
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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 GIF 8 9 10 11 GIF 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 GIF 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 GIF 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 GIF 37 38 39 40 GIF 41 42 Submitted by iCHIVE user UndercoverChivette (+100 Points) 43 44 Submitted by iCHIVE user lboyle12 (+100 Points) 45 GIF 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 GIF 61 62 63 GIF 64 65 66 67 GIF 68 Submitted by iCHIVE user dixiestorm15 (+100 Points) 69 70 71 72 73 GIF 74 75 76 77 78 GIF 79 80 Submitted by iCHIVE user MericanDream76 (+100 Points) 81 82 83 84 GIF 85 86 87 88 89 90 GIF 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 GIF 99 100
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    I can't say it wasn't a hoax. I can't say it was either.
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    Just when I start to have a speckle of hope for humanity in America, something like this comes along and totally stupefies me out of my chair. Wow.
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